Centre-staging Commons by advancing the dialogue, locally and globally

FES works to enhance the debate, translate knowledge to action, and make visible a system-wide thought leadership, for a multiplier impact on community-led governance of shared natural resources.

The Commons Collaborative works to enable system-level shifts by embedding Commons in policies and programmes. It engages thematic groups to advance thinking in neglected domains like pastoralists, small ruminant livestock keepers, community property rights, and groundwater management. It seeks to advance the dialogue on Commons at local, regional, national and international levels, and root it in the larger goals of climate action and sustainable development. It also attempts to build data and evidence to align Commons as a part of the solution for Sustainable Development Growth (SDGs), Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC), economic improvements, and biodiversity conservation.

Harnessing the potential of information systems and technology for improving civic engagement, scaling up, and sound use of public funds

FES seeks to promote informed action by improving access to knowledge, analytics and tools, for greater transparency, civic engagement and informed decision-making.

The India Observatory (IO) is a pan-India data platform where data on 1600+ parameters (social, economic, ecological) are spatially presented, from the village to the national level. By collaborating with various organisations and initiatives, IO aggregates and contextualises data, analytics, and tools to supplement the decision-making of rural communities, NGOs and local government officials. It also contains other resources such as Open Data Kits (ODK), Crop Water Budgeting, and more, to support planning, field implementation and monitoring of developmental activities.

Visit the IO website to learn about and access a range of tools and applications. Visit here

Building a groundswell of public opinion on Commons and highlighting the significance of nature conservation for rural economies

FES works to create a greater visibility for conservation needs and to build public opinion and a larger constituency for Commons.

FES employs Communications for greater outreach, to build lasting value, and to inspire change. We deploy communications in a three-pronged strategy to scale for breadth and depth, to help trigger action on the ground and to amplify knowledge and research, by creating spaces for engagement across platforms. We also harness social media and public forums to influence policy and the perception around Commons.

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