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Revegetation of common lands

An undulating topography coupled with loose and sandy to sandy-loam soil renders the embankments of the river Mahi in central Gujarat highly susceptible to land degradation and erosion. Absence of vegetative cover further aggravates the situation, leading to the formation of deep gullies and ravines on the common and private lands of the area. Since ravines not only impact the provisioning of ecosystem goods and services such as food, fuel wood, fodder, fibre and water regulation, but also lead to loss of precious arable land, the spread of ravines forms a major cause of ecological concern impacting rural livelihoods.

The project focuses on biodiversity conservation through reforestation, soil and moisture conservation of common lands as well as extensive planting activities in the village common lands along river Mahi in the Anand district so as to check the spread of ravines and improve the health of the village commons (either Gauchar or Revenue Wasteland allotted by the Government according to the cattle population in the village) which play a crucial role in livestock grazing in the area.

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