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Ensuring Water Security and promoting safe sanitation in coastal villages
of Gujarat

Characterized by vast stretches of saline mudflats, several remote villages along the coast of Khambat in western Gujarat suffer from severe salinity ingress which renders water below the depth of 25 feet completely unsuitable for drinking. Sanitation or the lack of it, is also a vital issue in these areas.

This project is visualized as a model for implementation of a comprehensive drinking water and sanitation programme in salinity affected villages in the coastal district of Khambhat in Gujarat. The activities involve water quality monitoring, safe health and hygiene practices and water resource management in the project villages.

The project, namely Coastal Area Development Project (CADP), is a collaborative effort by Government of Gujarat, civil society organisations and the communities for a comprehensive approach to addressing issues of drinking water and sanitation. In partnership with the Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP), the project is being supported by the Hilton Foundation.

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