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Conservation of the Sloth Bear and its habitat

Assessment of population status and habitat quality for Conservation of Sloth Bear (Melursus urisinus) in four forest reserves in Aravali Hill Range of south Rajasthan and north Gujarat, western India.

India is home to four of eight species of bears. The Sloth Bear (Melursus urisinus) is one of them and is listed as vulnerable according to IUCN criteria. The species is threatened due to poaching for bear organs of said medical value, retaliatory killings to reduce conflicts and habitat loss due to degradation and fragmentation. It is included in Schedule I of Indian Wildlife Protect Act 1972, which provides highest level of protection from hunting and harvesting.

The project is set out to assess the status of population and habitat quality of the Sloth Bear in four selected forest reserves in the Aravali Hill Range of western India. It aims to identify threats and conservation issues, create awareness of the same among local communities residing in its distribution range, and arrive at conservation strategies with an active involvement of stakeholders in the conservation action.

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