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Restoration of shelterbelts in coastal regions of Anand district of

Owing to its barrenness due to high levels of salinity, the coastal area of Gujarat along the Gulf of Khambhat is locally known as Bhal. The region is characterized by vast stretches of saline mudflats where increasing salinity threatens the sources of water, and salt-laden winds adversely affect farm productivity. With natural systems of salinity control mechanisms like mangroves and coastal vegetation getting severely degraded, the communities face serious threats from increasing salinity.

This project envisages the creation of a shelterbelt bordering the agricultural lands of coastal villages of Khambhat taluka in Anand district. It involves a process of restoration through re-vegetation and soil and moisture conservation measures; strengthening of community institutions for collective action and governance of natural resources; and increasing the area under agriculture and improving productivity by demonstrating suitable agriculture and water management practices for enhancing coastal livelihoods.

Supported by

Sir Ratan Tata Trust (SRTT), implemented through the Coastal Salinity Prevention Cell (CSPC)

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