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Coastal area Development Programme in Khambhat taluka

Several remote villages along the coast of Khambat in western Gujarat are characterized by vast stretches of saline mudflats. Here, severe salinity ingress renders water below the depth of 25 feet completely unsuitable for drinking. Unreliable water supply through pipelines whose sources are located far from the villages coupled with long dry spells during summers create an acute shortage of drinking water for most parts of the year. Consumption of local saline water leads to several health problems in an area that already suffers from lack of health and sanitation facilities.

This project aims to reduce dependency of the local communities on external agencies for a need as vital as safe drinking water. It works towards securing drinking water and improving the habitat by empowering communities to manage their local water sources, drinking water supply and environmental sanitation.

Supported by

Watershed and Sanitation Management Organization (WASMO)

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