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Revegetation on common lands

Lying in the uplands of the lower catchments of the Papagni river basin, the two semi-arid districts of Chittoor and Anantapur in Southern Andhra Pradesh are located at the tri-junction of the Deccan Plateau, the Eastern Ghats and Western Ghats exhibiting some of the ecological features of all the three. The region is characterized with broken hills ranges, with forestlands on the ridges and revenue wastelands and farmlands located on the lower slopes, and valleys that are dotted with numerous tanks for irrigation. The land use of the mid slopes, once under vegetation cover, has changed to marginal agricultural lands or overgrazed grazing lands, resulting in increased loss of soil and moisture from these watersheds. A situation of continuous drought further compounds the crisis.

In the project, the community institutions are undertaking soil and moisture conservation activities and planting saplings of indigenous species on the community protected revenue wastelands in Chittoor and Anantpur Districts of Andhra Pradesh. The improved vegetation is supplementing the biomass needs of the local community and is assisting in improving their livelihoods.

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