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Arpit Deomurari receives Carl Zeiss Wildlife Conservation Award 2012



Arpit Deomurari receiving Carl Zeiss Award for Wildlife Conservation 2012 from Sh. Salman Khurshid Cabinet Minister of the Ministry of Law and Justice and Ministry of Minority Affairs

Arpit Deomurari is a technocrat trying to find out smarter ways to get away from the world of technology to pursue his interest in wildlife. He has a keen interest in Avian Research especially Distribution and Environmental Niche Modelling, Population Dynamics of Waders and breeding biology of Gulls and Terns.

Arpit uses ICT4C (Information and Communication for Conservation) to spread awareness about wildlife among amateurs. He strongly believes that one of the fundamental issues in the conservation of biodiversity is the non availability of adequate and reliable information on a single platform which would help in developing appropriate conservation strategies. His work on IBIS (Indian Biodiversity Information System) is a step towards this and is being appreciated worldwide. IBIS is a web portal launched by Foundation for Ecological Security (FES). IBIS portals are intended to be niche portals featuring taxa groups of Indian flora and fauna - an exhaustive bibliography with world coverage, historical accounts of species , museum collections and other interesting facts. Arpit has already developed the IBIS portal on birds, An Avian Information System (AVIS - IBIS). Now he is working on similar portals on mammals, reptiles and amphibians.

An ornithologist at heart and an aspiring professional wildlife photographer, he prefers to show, as much as possible, all the variations of plumages, habitats , behaviours etc. in his photographs. He has delivered lectures to various sections of society, covering aspects ranging from photography to conservation practices.

He is currently working as a Deputy Manager, Bioinformatics, in FES, Anand and is the principal architect of IBIS portals.

Other participants of CARL ZEISS Wildlife Conservation Awards 2012 were - Aditya Singh, M. Ananda Kumar, Joseph Vattakaven and Amod Mohan Zambre.

Carl Zeiss is one of the world leaders in optics and opto electronics and continually sets new standards in all disciplines, including micro electronics and measurement technology, ophthalmics photography and sports optics.

As a pioneer in the field of scientific optics, Carl Zeiss inspires man to new discoveries. The innovative solutions provide the means for those, who combine vision with passion and curiosity to gain a greater perspective in all aspects of life.

In the last few decades more than 20 Noble prize winners have used Carl Zeiss microscopes for their medical, biological and pharmaceutical research. Carl Zeiss is a name that is highly regarded and trusted by those who study genetics, viruses and nanotechnology. The company's optical systems play a decisive role in the manufacture of microchips, and when it comes to industrial measurements and chemical analysis, Carl Zeiss projection systems capture processes to a thousandth of millimetre.

For 165 years, Carl Zeiss Sports Optics produces leading precision optics "Made in Germany". Due to the crisp and bright image quality combined with innovative features, users of Zeiss binoculars and spotting scopes see more and experience more of what nature has to offer.

When used to explore the world and nature in particular, the first class optics of Carl Zeiss bring observers deep into the wild showcasing animals and their habitats in fascinating detail. Also Carl Zeiss produces high quality objectives for cell phones and digital photo and movie cameras.

The innovations made by Carl Zeiss impact virtually everyone of us. They are integral to our quality of life and for the functioning of the modern world - today and in future.

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