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FES takes immense pleasure to inform you of the launch of the Indian Biodiversity Information System (IBIS) - Mammals Portal. The IBIS - Mammals portal is the latest in a series of web portals envisaged under IBIS. It is a web- based information system comprising scientific species level information on approximately 423 species of Indian mammals. A user-friendly system, IBIS Mammals provides the status, distribution, habitat and all other mammal related information on a single platform, aiding species conservation and promoting public participatory data sharing for conservation. It is also an excellent online resource for biodiversity education and awareness. The portal has 75,000 + museum records of mammals in India, supplemented by Geographical Information System (GIS) maps of all museum records as geo-spatial layers, overlaid on the Distribution Maps.

The portal was launched by Mr. Braulio FerreiraDe Souza Dias, Executive Secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) at the recently held RBS Earth Heroes Awards, 2012.

A fundamental prerequisite in the conservation of biological diversity is the availability of adequate and reliable information, which aids in developing conservation strategies. However, much of this data and literature is archived in books and is often not easily accessible. FES has built upon IBIS so as to enable more people to access and build such information.

IBIS launched the Avian Information System (AVIS) in December 2010, a portal on all available data on birds of India, collated and digitised to develop the first phase of the IBIS Portal. In the coming year, IBIS will expand to build similar portals on reptiles, amphibians and flora, in the process involving interested individuals, organizations, researchers and scholars across India.

Besides making all archival information available at a single place, the IBIS is an "open beta version", thus enabling it to obtain feedback from users, add features and build upon the existing database. The interactive portal uses open source software and helps users to contribute data that would be periodically reviewed by experts. IBIS follows the creative commons licensing policy enabling appropriate attribution to the data provider and collaborators.

Initiated by FES, IBIS would evolve as a collaborative platform with interested individuals, organizations, researchers and scholars across India for biodiversity conservation.

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