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Case for Commons
To analyse and facilitate larger dissemination of the implications of the various judgments and orders on Commons passed by the Supreme Court, High Court and the state governments, in a commonly understandable form, FES in association with a group of professionals is bringing out a periodic publication on the Commons. The Case for the Commons is a bimonthly e-publication aimed at facilitating informed decisions while also contributing to the better governance of Commons in the country.

The Case for the Commons, Issue 6, April 2015
The Case for the Commons, Issue 5, December 2014
The Case for the Commons, Issue 4, October 2014
The Case for the Commons, Issue 3, August 2014
The Case for the Commons, Issue 2, June 2014
The Case for the Commons, Issue 1, April 2014

Common Voices
Initiated as a build up towards the Conference on Commons - IASC2011( hosted by FES in collaboration with IASC in the city of Hyderabad in January 2011), and part of the larger Initiative on Commons, the 'Common Voices' is a newsletter that regularly highlights themes of commons.

Regional newsletters
We bring out regular newsletters in five languages covering various policies and programmes and highlighting community experiences of ecological conservation, along with other informative material. Across locations, newsletters in a total of five different languages are brought out and circulated to village communities, Panchayats and government functionaries.

Sabuja Barta

: Oriya
Ma Palle : Telugu
Grama Vani : Kannada
Vriksha Vandana : Gujarati
Harit Prayas : Hindi

We bring out a regular newsletter ' MG-NREGA', which features highlights, issues and updates of the programme and its implementation across the country.

MGNREGS Update August 2017 - 2nd
MGNREGS Update August 2017 - 1st
MGNREGS Update July 2017 - 2nd
MGNREGS Update July 2017 - 1st
MGNREGS Update June 2017 - 2nd
MGNREGS Update June 2017 - 1st
MGNREGS Update May 2017 - 2nd
MGNREGS Update May 2017 - 1st
MGNREGS Update April 2017 - 2nd
MGNREGS Update April 2017 - 1st
MGNREGS Update March 2017 - 2nd
MGNREGS Update March 2017 - 1st
MGNREGS Update February 2017 - 2nd
MGNREGS Update February 2017 - 1st
MGNREGS Update January 2017 - 2nd
MGNREGS Update January 2017 - 1st
MGNREGS Update December 2016 - 2nd
MGNREGS Update December 2016 - 1st
MGNREGS Update November 2016

Issues ( August 2014 - April 2015 )

MGNREGS Update April 2015 - 2nd
MGNREGS Update April 2015 - 1st
MGNREGS Update March 2015 - 2nd
MGNREGS Update March 2015 - 1st
MGNREGS Update February 2015 - 2nd
MGNREGS Update February 2015 - 1st
MGNREGS Update January 2015 - 2nd
MGNREGS Update January 2015 - 1st
MGNREGS Update December 2014 - 2nd
MGNREGS Update December 2014 - 1st
MGNREGS Update November 2014 - 2nd
MGNREGS Update November 2014 - 1st
MGNREGS Update October 2014 - 2nd
MGNREGS Update October 2014 - 1st
MGNREGS Update September 2014 - 2nd
MGNREGS Update September 2014 - 1st
MGNREGS Update August 2014


In order to disseminate information on conservation science and practice we collaborate with Ashoka Trust for Research on Ecology and Environment (ATREE) in bringing out a newsletter titled Current Conservation.

We aid the circulation of web-based material, titled Forest Case Update that deals with the implications of Supreme Court rulings on forest related issues.

We also support the newsletter - Protected Area Update, which seeks to link protected area managers, NGOs and individuals involved in conservation efforts.

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