Steps became strides when we partnered with governments, NGOs and other organisations to engage with rural communities across the country. The leaps that we have made over the years, our accelerated momentum on the ground, and the resulting multiplier effect, are the direct and successful outcome of these synergies.

Andhra Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh





The North East

The individuals and organisations that support FES share our vision. They are deeply and equally committed to improving the living conditions of the poor and to India’s ecological restoration. They ensure that our efforts must be sustained and nurtured to grow in scope and spread, and for this, we are immeasurably grateful.

The role that knowledge-sharing and technology play in conservation efforts and restoring the socio-ecological balance cannot be stressed enough. Engaging with and learning from think tanks, research bodies, individuals and institutions, nationally and globally, fuels our passion for the cause of Commons, brings rigour to action in the field, and continues to help build evidence.

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