Where we work

Meghalaya’s Scheduled Tribes account for 86% of its population. Forests and water are managed by customary laws, which are seldom formally recognised, leading to their degradation. Women’s work participation is high, but not recognised in tribal institutions.

The Meghalaya Community-Led Landscapes Management Project (MCLLMP) builds Village Natural Resource Management Committees’ (VNRMCs) capacities on landscape management and sustainable practices, mandating women’s representation of 50%.

What we do

The state government invited FES, Arghyam and Socion Advisors to help establish a Centre of Excellence (CoE), an institute to guide the statewide management of natural resources. Through the CoE, we supported 400 villages in 8 districts with Community Natural Resource Management Plans for degraded land. We also enhanced the capacities of government functionaries and Village Community Facilitators with specially adapted CLART and Design Estimation Tool (DET) to help conservation and restoration activities in the state.

Operations in the state were initiated in 2020-21.

Project Districts

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Implementing Partners

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