September 2001 Khorwad, Gujarat June 2020

Where we work

Spread across six districts of central Gujarat, ranging from the highly-eroded ravines along the banks of river Mahi and the saline mudflats of the Gulf of Khambhat, to the ecologically-threatened wetlands of Anand and Kheda districts, FES also works in the denuded highlands of Mahisagar district, with a predominantly tribal population.

What we do

We encourage tribal communities to adopt improved and ecologically-sound agriculture practices to enhance livelihoods, and claim forest lands under the Forest Rights Act, 2006. We enable rural communities’ undertaking preventive measures to reduce the spread of ravines to check large-scale degradation of Commons and farmland.

Impact at a Glance

As on Dec 2021

Village Institutions


Thousand Lives


Thousand Acres of Commons under Community Governance

Through Direct Engagement

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