March 1999 Madhopur, Madhya Pradesh July 2020

Where we work

Madhya Pradesh and the central Indian highlands are home to some of the most vulnerable tribal communities. Our presence in Mandla and Balaghat districts of the Mahakaushal region in Madhya Pradesh includes the biodiversity-rich zone of Kanha National Park. The region has highly degraded forests, heavily infested with invasive species, low farmland productivity, and distress migration of local communities.

What we do

To help improve vegetation cover and livelihood opportunities, we work with local communities, Panchayats, and government officials to improve governance of common lands and water bodies, promote agriculture and livestock-based livelihoods, and seek better access to various government programmes.

Impact at a Glance

As on Dec 2021

Village Institutions


Thousand Lives


Thousand Acres of Commons under Community Governance

Through Direct Engagement

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